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Smoked Beef Knuckles - Dog Treats

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Smoked Beef Knuckles - Dog Treats
Smoked Beef Knuckles - Dog Treats


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Dog Treats

The Smoked Knuckle Bone Dog Chew doubles down on flavor and texture with a hearty, smoky taste, and long-lasting entertainment. Sourced from our Piedmontese cattle in Missouri, this treat fulfills your pup's desire to chew while helping to clean their teeth.

  • Smoked Knuckle Bone Dog Chews
  • Thick Piedmontese beef bone rich in tasty marrow
  •  Chew Type, Aggressive
  • From our farm in Missouri
  •  Satisfies their instinct to chew
  •  Chewing can help strengthen jaw muscle
  •  Can help clean dog teeth and gums as they chew

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