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Lamb Shanks

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Lamb Shanks
Lamb Shanks

Hind Shank

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Lamb shank is a tough cut from the lamb leg that becomes tender and juicy with slow and low cooking.

The foreshank (Front) comes from the front legs and is smaller than the hind shank, which comes from the back legs and is much meatier. As with all hard-working muscles, lamb shank is full of connective tissue and collagen that requires stewing or braising. The lamb shank is typically sold cut, with the center bone intact, and is cooked on the bone with little prep required.

How to Cook Lamb Shank

Due to its toughness and low-fat content, braising lamb shank is the ideal way to enjoy it. The braising liquid keeps the meat from drying out and the hours-long cooking over low heat gives the tough meat a chance to become tender and succulent. Lamb shank typically comes bone-in, and braising gives the bone marrow a chance to melt into the braising liquid, transforming it into a rich and full-bodied sauce.

If you don’t want to braise, you can cook it for hours on low heat in the slow cooker to stew the meat. Be sure to keep the lid on to retain moisture. Similarly, it can be pressure-cooked with liquid. Lamb shank shouldn’t be pan-fried or sautéed or else it will be too tough to chew.  

Lamb shank often comes with a thin white membrane that can be trimmed away or left on to melt away during cooking. Most importantly, brown the meat before slow cooking or braising to add a deeper flavor. You can achieve this by searing the meat in the same pot that you are using for slow-cooking or braising.


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