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Beef Liver

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Beef Liver
Beef Liver

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Beef liver is a nutritious food item naturally high in protein, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. The nutritional properties of beef liver can benefit the immune system, tissue repair, and energy production.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Data Central Database Trusted Source, per 100 grams (g), beef liver contains:

  • 133 calories
  • 20.35 g of protein
  • 4.78 milligrams (mg) of iron
  • 16,814 international units of vitamin A
  • 1.1 mg of vitamin C total ascorbic acid
  • 274 mg of cholesterol

A small amount of beef liver can provide more than the Daily Value for many essential nutrients and typically contains more vitamins than many fruits and vegetables.

It is also rich in high quality protein and low in calories.


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